Corporate Environments

Do you have an office area, retail space, or a sales center that serves as the focus of your marketing campaign. Another lively area in the marketing arena where it is of extreme importance to offer high quality signs and graphics to produce your desired results. Bring us in at an early enough stage to collaborate on such important items as color space, textures, expression, attributes and personality to make sure that the project is completed successfully

Commercial Print

Our print team focuses on providing your project with the correct specifications and making sure that your colors, sizing, quantities, etc. are all as you expect them. Large format, medium or small, we have your job covered. Shifts run through the day so that we are assured that any rush jobs can be handled properly to meet critical deadlines, while working together with our clients to keep the project on its proper budget.


Custom graphics and signage require a great amount of attention and an ingrained mentality of “measure twice – cut once”. Our crew follows detailed drawing to assure that jobs are delivered or installed according to how they were designed, while always learning and improving with each new and exciting project.


Our desire is to bring your company to life, and we have the mindset to do it. We focus on you, your identity and your goals. “What is your brand and are your marketing strategies complimenting and keeping to that brands standards” is a prime focus in our approach.


Well designed and fabricated signs that are strategically installed outdoors will offer the most cost effective form of advertising for a business and will always result in increased customer traffic. If you are considering a sign for your location or working on a multi-location rebranding campaign, give us a call to discuss being part of your project.


Custom pop-up exhibit displays, banners stands, tension fabric displays and system, backwall step and repeats, 20×20 islands, and multiple other portable or permanent display options are available at SGI and our team of professionals considers every detail for your exhibit. See our hardware catalogs under the Resources tab and give us a call to discuss your project.