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Framing & Giclee

Reproducing and framing artwork provides the finishing steps in the presentation of art. The process of producing giclee fine art can often be confusing and unfamiliar to many clients and we strive to provide clarity and knowledge to our clients so that they get the highest quality piece available. Critical steps taken during scanning and proofing control color, saturation and contrast so that final reproductions are always to the artists approval. These create the impact necessary to stand out while providing long term archival prints that are protected against interferences such as moisture and abrasion.

Another beauty of the giclee printing process is that it allows an artist to produce as many (or as few) reproductions desired. This allows you to control your investment and also determine your inventory. We provide a Certificate of Authenticity that provides information about Copyright ownership, title, size, media, limited edition size, number in the edition, and printer studio name that all give the artists buyer a guaranty of quality standards and add a value that makes the piece extra unique.

Our framing gallery is a place where art can be arranged and the best selections available to finish off your piece. All of our framing is done on the premises and handled with professional care and respect. We specialize in quality and have over 30 years of framing experience. Please consider us the trusted source for all of your custom framing, canvas stretching, box mounting, and finishing projects. We have thousands of frame samples to choose from in our gallery and we have certified and experienced designers on staff to help you make your selection a simple and informed decision.



Recommended Projects

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